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Like China and Tibet, India has its own traditional medicine, Ayurveda, that has been used for thousands of years. Like Chinese medicine, Ayurveda has arrived in the US under the “alternative medicine” umbrella, so it probably isn’t surprising that an American practitioner of both traditions, Bridgette Shea, has combined them in Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions. Although written with enough detail for practitioner use, this book offers much to the interested layperson, starting with the foundations of both disciplines before going on to ways they can be used together in real-life situations. For example, when dealing with upper respiratory infections, Shea will use one of two Chinese medicine formulations—depending on exactly which symptoms the patient has—plus teas made with ginger and tulsi (holy basil), an important remedy in Ayurvedic herbalism. 

—Lisa James, Managing Editor for Energy Times