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Personalizing the Handbook: 8 Weeks to Wellness Week 5

  • Ageless Acupuncture 2 Franklin Square, Ste. E1 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 USA (map)

Since the book came out, many people are asking what their constitution is. This isn't a simple answer, and one that barely gets touched on even in an Ayurveda consult or education session. The idea of constitution, or mind/body types goes very deep, and misunderstanding the broad scope of what it means can have less than desirable effects. Just knowing one's constitution isn't enough. There is no simple model or answer for who and what you are.

In this class we will use the Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda as a foundation to explore a new/old way of seeing the world and ourselves, and even get to the heart of the above question. We will talk about Eastern concepts like the five elements, five spirits, and three mind/body types to better support the health and well-being of our communities, families, and ourselves. Eastern wisdom offers valuable insight into things as profound as the nature of our mind and its inseparability from our body, to things as mundane as why we crave certain foods and activities. 

Bridgette will guide you through each chapter in weekly classes that include practical application of the material and experiential guided visualizations designed to help you to "feel" the material being discussed. This course is an opportunity to shift your worldview and daily habits, including the "bad" ones, in 8 short weeks. If you are away or simply cannot do Tuesday nights, no problem—the classes will be recorded so you don't miss a beat.

For the 8 weeks, those desiring an intimate, in-person course will meet mostly in person for 90 minute lesson and discussion sessions on Tuesday evenings. All sessions will be recorded so that those at a distance, and those who may need to miss a class, can still take the classes.


You will learn:

What the Five Elements are and how they influence what you think and how you feel.

What mind body type you most fit into and why.

What mental pattern most fits you.

About emotional states and how they are processed by the body.

Which emotions affect which body parts and why.

How to stay balanced in the midst of uncertainty, change, and life.

Learn about biorhythms in a more in depth, specific way, and how to ride those waves through the day, season, year, and time of life.

In each class we will:

Do a meditative practice that is centered on the topic of the week so it can be digested not just by the mind, but viscerally.

Discuss the above topics in depth and reflect on how they manifest in real life.

Use the wisdom contained in the teachings of ancient medicine for self balance and well being.

Ask questions.

Learn techniques from the book that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine.

You will walk away from class with:

A new perspective.

Simple guidelines for self care that are doable.

A new understanding of yourself and those around you.

Solid knowledge of time tested methods for your specific mind body type.

A new look at your relationship to foods and dieting, fasting, and cleansing.


Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm
September 26 - November 14
Held at Ageless Acupuncture, 2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, NY

For those at a distance or who cannot meet at that day and time, you may sign up for online  study. The classes will be recorded, including the Q and A. There will be a Facebook group for all participants to connect and reflect, and Bridgette will be available at times TBA for distance Q & A. 


Cost:  $397  (non-refundable $50 deposit is due prior to class to reserve your spot)

Pre-registration is recommended, especially for in-person attendance, since there is limited space in the clinic.

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Later Event: November 7
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